ASCGroup is initially

established in 1998 in Thailand.

with competent in variety of skill sets, We become a part of technology player in various business sectors such as Telecommunications, Petrochemical, Automotive, Finance & Banking. In 2020, We celebrate our 21st anniversary.

In order to strengthen our capability, become a key player in outsourcing service.
To thrive in today's world competitive, we need to rely on three key pillars: people, technology, and services. These three elements are crucial in shaping our society and have the power to drive us towards success. Let's work together to make these pillars stronger and build a better tomorrow


To become a leading comprehensive Outsourcing provider and potential partnership with our clients for sustainable growth.


 Regularly strengthen people technology, and innovation development for the organization's competitive adventage. Consistently Leverage the latest information technology for assisting clients in business Transformation.

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